Meet The Team

  • Will Johnson

    Founder of Willspeed Racing. Designer and front man of the operation.

    Hometown -- Herne Bay

    DOB -- 10th May 1994

    BRCA License Grade -- F2

  • Kyle Moon

    It's the quiet ones you need to watch, Kyle is no exception! Super fast and undoubtedly always at the top of the time sheets.

    Hometown -- Faversham

    DOB -- 2nd August 1998

    BRCA License Grade -- F1

  • Carl Perryman

    An artisitc eye, Carl is responsible for all things graphics related. Aka Team manager Greg and Ross's #1

    Hometown -- Faversham

    DOB -- 5th November 1996

    BRCA License Grade -- F3

  • Mark Headling

    #1 Willspeed Team Driver! Mark's a seasoned racer not only in RC but full size as well (2 wheels..) A huge ambasdor for Willspeed with excellent forum and social platform skills.

    Hometown -- Ashford

    DOB -- 16th May 1980

    BRCA License Grade -- F

  • Steve Wilkinson

    A noble steed of the Willspeed stable. A true gent on and off the track. Enjoys lager.

    Hometown -- Canterbury

    DOB -- 15th May 1994

    BRCA License Grade -- F2

  • Will Mount

    Mr Smooth (on and off track) very clean and consistent driving style and has that rock up and perform ability.

    Hometown -- Ashford

    DOB -- 18 June 1995

    BRCA License Grade -- F2

  • Martin Hayes

    Mr TNI (Team No Idea) himself! Undoubtabley nice chap, Martin is a leg-end of the South-East model racing scene. Be sure to check out TNI_RC on YouTube.
    Hometown - Sandwich
    DOB - tbc..

    BRCA License Grade -- F3