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B7 - B7 Machined PEEK Idler Gears (3) W Bearings

Machined 26T PEEK Idler Gears Set (3) for the Team Associated B7. 

We wanted to create the ultimate fit and forget Idler Gear solution for the Team Associated B7 in terms of performance and reliability. 
No compromise, machined high precision, high performance material, considered design. 

Redesigned to take 5 X 9 X 3mm Bearings (Supplied) Reducing the bearing diameter to increase the material section at the root of the gear tooth to improve strength and durability. 

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) a premium high performance engineering plastic.
PEEK boasts excellent mechanical strength, heat and wear resistance and bearing properties, the highest rated among plastics making these gears truly a fit and forget item.

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