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B7 - Strengthened "Full Brace" D Block

B7 Strengthened "Full Brace" D Block

With the B7 series the D block is secured to the underside of the gearbox rather than the chassis plate. 
The WS "Full Brace" D block incorporates the D Block and Roll Bar mount into a singular billet aluminium piece. This allows the D block to be fastened to the transmission case in two planes underneath the box and to the flat back surface in a "Fully Braced" fashion. 
Utilising the parallel rear face of the gearbox avoids alignment problems with the original component. 

Manufactured in T6082 Aluminium with increased wall section and increases in cross sectional area compared to original part from improved durability. Replaces AE #92433.

Component Weight - 6.83g

B7 Standard Style Strengthened D Block Available Here - LINK 


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