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Willspeed Springs - 13mm

Willspeed 13mm Ø Buggy Springs

By popular request and result of ongoing testing and development we're happy to release our comprehensive range of 13mm 1/10th off-road buggy springs.

No nonsense here, just springs in the rates you require, high quality manufactured in the UK in a bright silver finish.
Supplied with colour code heat shrink for easy non-wearing identification.

Compatible with all 1/10th Off-Road Platforms that utilise 13mm "big bore" dampers

Mix & Match Tiered Pricing:

5-9 pairs - 10% off
10-14 pairs - 15% off
15+ pairs - 20% off

Discount automatically applies at checkout.

WS Yellow (W2001) 4.0lbs
WS Orange (W2002) 4.25lbs
WS Red (W2003) 4.5lbs
WS Green (W2004) 4.8lbs
WS Blue (W2005) 5.0lbs

WS Yellow (W2006) 2.0lbs
WS Orange (W2007) 2.15lbs
WS Red (W2008) 2.25lbs
WS Green (W2009) 2.35lbs
WS Blue (W2010) 2.5lbs

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